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Make plan. Act on it. Do it! Check yourself!

So it has been about two years since my first post and plan that failed! Hopefully, this time around will be different!

Over the past two years, I have worked more than I ever have in my life. In the evening, I parent; cause that’s what parents do. During the day, I make aerospace parts.  The type of parts that spin really, really fast; then stop and begin to spin the opposite direction in less than a blink of an eye. It’s quite demanding physically and mentally. Not to mention the changes in my personal life that are both good and bad. Healthy…well, I have work to do in that department…I love my daughters and my family more than anything, and they always come first!

So with all of that…I stopped blogging and sharing knowledge. I stopped seeking out knowledge about web development and all things in life that are good. I focused on other things that, although they mattered, they aren’t my passions. All of that is going to change…

This year, 2017, I plan on sharing more, and I plan on writing at least one personal post per week, be it web development, parenting, operating systems, etc…that is the plan. I’m hoping to make it a point, though, to not allow things to get in the way of posting.

cheers with large beer mugs
Cheers with your mates, mate!

Cheers to this new year!


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