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I try to keep my physical online presence to a minimum, so I don’t actually visit all of these sites every day. I depend on automation to post things, for the most part. If you would like to get a hold of me, Facebook Messenger is your best bet! However, you can, find me actually on the following sites…sometimes!


DeeJRoth Facebook Link
Facebook as @deejroth

I enjoy Facebook for their groups and some of the videos about unbelievable things that humans can do. The recipe videos area also great! However, I am not a big fan of drama and crap news, so I try and stay off of Facebook. I do realize its potential for marketing though, so I keep my account active.


DeeJRoth Twitter Link
Twitter as @d33jr0th

At first I thought Twitter was kind of dumb, but then I realized how wonderful the use of hashtags can be! You will find me here before you find me on Facebook. I am not a big fan of drama and I don’t like getting my news form big media outlets. I like Twitter for its uncanny ability to offer better news. Maybe this is not right, but it seems like that to me.


DeeJRoth is on Hashnode
Hashnode as @DeeJRoth

The developer community called Hashnode is a great place to learn new things and get incite on the world of programming. I wish I had more time to spend on this site because the community is full of people that use constructive criticism as a tool; a tool that many people aren’t aware of. For all developers who are tired of being treated like crap on SO, this is a great alternative!

Instagram and Snapchat

DeeJRoth Instagram Link
Instagram as @deejroth

Instagram and Snapchat is not all puppies and rainbows! There are some very interesting people on both of these services. Not to mention all the fun, inspirational things you can find, as well as the NPOs that want to help specific demographics!


DeeJRoth Pinterest Link
Pinterest as deejroth

Pinterest is great for ideas and an even better place to find recipes! The memes here aren’t bad either! This is another place you’ll find me before Facebook. The amount of inpirational quotes and ideas for your home, and even the humor, amaze me. I find this to be a much better alternative to Facebook!


DeeJRoth is on Digg as @deejroth
Digg as @deejroth

Digg is where I like to find interesting videos and articles. For me, this place allows me to kill time and learn about something or appreciate something more. They have a pretty good RSS reader, too.


DeeJRoth is on Spotify
Spotify as deejroth!

Music is my life! Music keeps me company while I work, while I drive, and while I write. I am very active on Spotify! If you have tracks you think I’d like, follow me on Spotify and send them to me. I am not a fan of country music, rap, or R&B. I listen mostly to metal (August Burns Red), post-hardcore (Issues), acoustic (Boyce Avenue), and electronic (The Chainsmokers). I attend Warped Tour every year and try to hit up a concert venue for a good show at least once a month.


DeeJRoth Pocket profile
Pocket as @beardedfolk

I also love to read! I use Pocket quite a bit and try and share what I think is valuable there. I read about web design, web development, SEO, and all things that catch my eye. Feel free to follow me here and recommend articles so I can read them!


DeeJRoth Github link
GitHub as deejroth

You can also find me, sometimes, on Github as deejroth! I don’t post a lot of code on here, but I think of this as a useful tool to see practices used by other developers in their code. I have learned a lot about standards, code formatting, and Git while using this website.


There’s a good chance you’ll find me on other sites as well…look for “deejroth” or “beardedfolk” or “d33jr0th” and you might just find me!


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