Outlook (not the app)

Some days are more rough than others. Situations irritate you, people bother you, and something’s just aren’t meant to be. How do you choose to handle them? What do you choose to do?

Do you turn it into a huge dramatic situation with how the entire world is out to get you? Do you decide just to ignore that person? Do you explode over the situation? How do you choose to deal with “it”? Whatever “it” may be; what’s your choice?

Most of my life, I’ve made light of every situation I’ve been in. Keyword: most. Sometimes I slip up and dramatize a situation or blow up at a person, or dwell over something. But at the end of everyday, I try to look back and think of how I could handle something better. 

Was that situation really that big of deal or was it “spilled milk”? Was it really necessary to blow up at a person? Maybe they have something going on in their life and I just helped to make it worse? Did I set a bad example for a child with how I dealt with something? All these are things I ask myself in a regular basis. 

Through all of these questions I’ve asked myself, I’ve realized that your days are only as good as you make them. Sure, people and situations can help you allow yourself to have a rough day. But, ultimately, you allow yourself to have the day you want.

And so, I ask that you remember one thing…

Have the day you want to have and make it your day; everyday. It is, after all, your life that you’re living. You have no clue what people have going on in their life; don’t help make it worse. Make choices that make your life and the lives of others better!

Make next week, and the following week, and the following week, and all the weeks after that, your week! Make the days, all your days! Make them count! Make postitive choices and choose to have a more positive outlook on life.
Ciao for now!